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This south of the border taste is a crowd pleaser. Not too hot a nice medium heat.
1 OZ (28g)

$5.00 $3.99

Jalapeno/Cilantro Dip

One of our top sellers for over 20 years!
.6 OZ (17g)

$5.00 $3.99

Hot!!! Salsa

Better than most restaurants!
Mix with two cans of Rotel Tomatoes and it is fantastic!
.75 OZ (21g) - Makes 21 OZ

$5.00 $3.99

Spicy Tortilla Soup

This is the best Tortilla Soup!
Just add a few cans and you have about a gallon of restaurant quality Tortilla Soup. (Follow the Fiesta Tortilla Recipe)
5oz. (144g)

$8.00 $6.99

Beefy Stew Soup

Full of vegetables! Add a little roast beef or hamburger for a hearty meal.
4.8 oz. (137g)

$8.00 $6.99

B.H.T. (Bacon, Horseradish, Tomato) Dip

1 oz. (28g)

$5.00 $3.99

Lobster Dip

1.25 oz. (34g)

$5.00 $3.99

Bottle Gift Pack

1 Steak Seasoning
1 Southwest Garlic Seasoning
1 Bloody Mary Seasoning
Includes 3 bottles

$25.00 $22.49

Try the new Zesty Jalapeno Snack Seasoning

This is AWESOME for making your own flavored nuts!!!!!
.8 OZ (23g)

$5.00 $3.99

Try the new Chili Cheese Snack Seasoning

This has so much flavor and so good on your own Chex Mix.
.8 oz. (23g)

$5.00 $3.99